2013 Annual Show

Thank You Los Alamos

The Lads of Enchantment thank all of you who attended our 21st Annual Show, Celebrate Harmony, at the United Church of Los Alamos on October 18th and 19th.

The show, under the direction of Choral Director Jonathan Friedman, celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Barbershop Harmony Society and featured Special Guest Quartet Ruby Blue.

Bruce Lamartine narrated the show which was dedicated to fellow and charter Lads of Enchantment member, Terry Langham, who was in the hospital.

It was a good show for both the audience and the performers.  Many of you went out of your way to tell us that you enjoyed the show.  That was gratifying because we, the LOE and Ruby Blue, enjoyed doing it. It was one of the LOE’s most animated performances, and Ruby Blue fulfilled their promise.  They were energetic, sounded great and had great rapport with the audience.

We extend special thanks to the local business/professional community who supported us by advertising in the show program.

We urge you, the community, to support our sponsors and maintain a vibrant local business community.

We will be posting more about the show in the near future.

Advertising Postcard for the 2013 Show

Postcard R

Preview Links for Ruby Blue Quartet

http://youtu.be/mFMID5Stfok (Ruby Blue: Two Tickets to Georgia)

http://youtu.be/vThu754q_1U  (Ruby Blue: If I had the Last Dream)

https://www.facebook.com/rubyblue.quartet   (Ruby Blue: Facebook Page)

http://www.rmr8.org/     (Rocky Mountain Region 8 Sweet Adelines International)

Pre-Show Press Release

The Lads of Enchantment (LOE) will present its 2013 Annual Barbershop Harmony Show on Friday October 18th and Saturday, October 19th at the United Church of Los Alamos.  The first part of the show, “Celebrate Harmony”, will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Barbershop Harmony Society and feature the LOE chorus and quartets.  The second half will feature Special Guest Quartet, Ruby Blue – the 2013 Rocky Mountain Quartet Champion of Sweet Adelines International.

Celebrate Harmony will salute the Barbershop Harmony Society’s beginning and barbershop singing. The show will feature traditional songs, as well as, songs that have become part of Americana.  The show will open with “Celebrate Harmony”, an original composition that was written to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the society.  Among the other songs are a special, seldom-heard-version of “Sweet Adeline”, Coney Island Baby, the Lida Rose medley, “I’m Alone Because I Love You” and “God Bless the USA”.

Featured Guest Quartet, Ruby Blue, will be breaking new ground in the LOE Annual Show.  Other female quartets or groups, such as Los Alamos High School’s Bel Canto, have sung in LOE Annual Shows, but Ruby Blue will be the first all-female Special Guest Quartet.

Ruby Blue’s members, Heather (lead), Jocelyn (bass), Rebecca (bari) and Cindy (tenor), are members of Denver’s Skyline Sweet Adelines International Chorus.  They are life-long singers, who began singing together in 2009.  In 2011 they placed second in the Sweet Adelines Rocky Mountain District Quartet Competition, and this year they were the winner.

Ruby Blue is an expressive quartet that connects with its audience.  The quartet was an invited guest performer at the 2013 men’s Rocky Mountain District Barbershop Harmony Spring Convention where members of the LOE saw them perform.  They have also performed in numerous Barbershop Harmony and Sweet Adelines shows in the Rocky Mountain region, including that of Denver’s Sound of the Rockies Chorus, which has placed fourth in International Chorus competition and is the home chorus of 2010 International Quartet Champion, Storm Front.

Besides singing together, Ruby Blue’s members are all professionals who are involved with numbers in one way or another.  Jocelyn is a computer science and math teacher, Cindy is an informatics specialist, Heather is a programmer/analyst, and Rebecca is the financial manager for her own company.

The show begins at 7:30 PM, each night.  On Friday night, there will be an “Afterglow” in Graves Hall following the show.  The Afterglow entails a snack and additional singing for a modest fee of $5.00.  Advance tickets ($15; $5 for students) may be purchased at CB Fox or from chorus members.  Contact information and links to preview Ruby Blue are available at https://laloe.org.